5 Reasons Why Engineered Stone Looks Great in Your Home

5 Reasons Why Engineered Stone Looks Great in Your Home

Engineered stone is the premier choice for kitchen countertops, splashbacks, and other surfaces in your kitchen and home. Since the late 1980s, architects and happy homeowners have increasingly adopted engineered stone for its many wonderful benefits, including aesthetics and more. Below are five key reasons why engineered stone should be your first choice for your home:

01. High Durability

As one of nature’s strongest minerals, quartz is widely used in many applications, including as the predominant material used in engineered stone benchtops. Most engineered stone benchtops are made of some combination of quartz and/or granite, resins, and colors. 

While granite remains a popular choice (and it’s certainly highly durable), 93% of quartz stone benchtops from Australian industry leaders, such as Quantum Quartz WK, are one of the most popular choices for homeowners. Quantum Quartz contains pigments, bonding agents, and additives to create a long-lasting and durable product that looks great in just about any home.

02. Resistant to Oil, Grease, and Spills

One of the most common applications of engineered stone benchtops Melbourne is in the kitchen (but many other uses, such as bathroom vanities, are also ideal). Kitchens can get a little messy, even at the best of times, but the countertop is prone to spills. Oil, grease, and even acids from powerful cleaning agents can all take their toll on most surfaces, but the engineered stone is designed and engineered to stand up to the toughest of spills.

Engineered stone products such as Quantum Quartz are completely non-porous and thus will not absorb liquids at all, instead repelling them from the surface for easy cleaning.

03. Dozens of Colours & Textures to Match Your Kitchen

Engineered stone countertops are extremely customizable in terms of colour and texture. Since they’re engineered, which means they contain resins and bonding agents to strengthen the already strong stone, color pigments can be added to replicate dozens of colors ranging from natural granite and quartz colors to marble white to pitch black, with or without natural grain elements.

Note that the natural grain and texture of the underlying granite or quartz will broadly define the end product in your kitchen. Consequently, some minor irregularities may also appear. Nevertheless, you’re sure to be satisfied with the end results.

04. Elegant Style to Complement Modern & Shaker Kitchens

One of the everlasting appeals of engineered stone countertops in kitchens is that they are perfectly suitable in all sorts of kitchens. Traditional, contemporary, modern, and shaker kitchens all look great with a granite or quartz countertop.

Depending on the overall aesthetic style of your kitchen, you may wish to give special attention to the colour and texture of the countertop so that it complements the style you’re going for.

05. Satisfaction for a Lifetime

We’ve already touched on the unparalleled durability of engineered stone countertops. These countertops are durable, but they’ll also keep looking great year after year, decade after decade. You’re sure to be pleased for a lifetime with an engineered stone countertop.

Products such as Quantum Quartz are scratch and chip resistant, abrasion-resistant, and repel stains superbly. This means that, with good cleaning habits, your engineered stone countertop will look fantastic a decade from now, just like the day it was first installed.

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