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Granite Benchtops in Melbourne

Granite is a popular benchtop material that can be an excellent home improvement. It is available in different colors, ranging from whitish tones to deep black, and many shades in between.

Some granite is more expensive than others, and the cost varies depending on the granite thickness and edge profile you desire. It also has chipping and scratch resistance.

Granite is the perfect kitchen countertop for its durability, versatility, and sheer brilliance.

Granite is virtually scratch-resistant due to its hardness and its attractive appearance. That’s why granite benchtop melbourne is a popular countertop application due to heat, moisture, and stain-resistant.

It also adds a touch of luxury and refinement. Even granite stones having the same name can look a lot different. So, when you buy granite countertops in Melbourne, a sample in a kitchen showroom may not be the same as the normal Granite you buy.

However, kitchen showrooms will have a large selection of samples from which you can confidently select a color.

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    How to choose the perfect Granite Benchtop in Melbourne?

    Before you choose your variation, keep the following in mind:

    • We offer granite kitchen benchtops in Melbourne that beautifully match the color of your cabinets or the stone veining. Our white granite, for example, would look great with white cabinets. On the other hand, Colonial White Granite or Blue Moon Granite would go well with darker cabinets.
    • The size of your kitchen should influence whether you choose light or dark Granite. Our well-fitted granite kitchen benchtops in Melbourne are available in light granite as well to make the space appear larger. On the other hand, Darker Granite looks great in larger kitchens because of its dramatic color and appeal.

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    • Marbled, solid, and speckled Granite comes in three different patterns. Our speckled granite benchtop in Melbourne works well in vanilla interiors to add a splash of rich color.
    • Your budget will determine whether you want slab granite or tiled Granite. Although tiled Granite is cost-effective, the aesthetic appeal suffers from the visible lines. A granite slab is expensive due to the labor and material cost incurred.
    • Our clients usually prefer our light-colored granite benchtops in Melbourne in smaller kitchens to give the impression of a larger space due to the patterns that make the space appear smaller.

    How long will a Granite Kitchen Benchtop last?

    Which Granite should you choose? It’s a personal choice influenced by the appearance you want to achieve. Granite is a dense rock, but it must be sealed because all stones are porous. As the sealer can wear off, granite countertops Melbourne should be sealed every three to five years. Granite is one of the most durable kitchen materials, but it must be regularly sealed.

    Quartz, marble, limestone, and soapstone are also durable materials, but marble and soapstone are not as dense as granite benchtop and must be treated with care to avoid stains. That’s why our trendy range of Granite Benchtop in Melbourne witnesses constant increase in demand and popularity.

    granite benchtop Melbourne

    granite kitchen benchtops Melbourne

    Advantages of Granite Countertops in Melbourne

    • Aesthetic Luxury
      Granite is primarily valued for its aesthetic qualities, and Granite’s natural and timeless aura makes it challenging to match in terms of beauty. Granite can elevate even the most luxurious kitchen or bathroom, and a granite benchtop is often the visual focal point of a room. Keeping that factor in mind, we offer opulent granite benchtop in melbourne to uplift the aesthetics of your space.
    • Versatile Beauty
      Granite is also highly adaptable, as it comes in a variety of colors and can be combined with almost any existing decor. Our granite countertops in Melbourne are available in a varied range of styles, colors and designs that meets almost everyone’s unique requirements and preferences.

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    • Heat Resistant
      Although cutting food directly on granite benchtops is not recommended, we would be more concerned about the knife than the benchtop! Granite benchtops are also highly heat resistant, so putting a hot pot or pan down onto it will not cause any problems.
    • Stain Resistant
      Our top quality granite kitchen benchtops in Melbourne are highly stain-resistant and will not absorb any spilled food or liquids as long as they are properly sealed. It’s best to hire a professional to seal your Granite so that it’s done correctly while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Granite is virtually scratch-resistant due to its hardness and its attractive appearance.

    Available Colors in Granite Benchtops Melbourne

    • Colonial White
      Currently, the most popular granite countertops in Melbourne is Colonial White. This dazzling stone, freckled with cream, white, and burgundy colors, catches your eye subtly. White Granite has an impervious surface, and despite its scarcity, it retains its allure and magnificence and is in high demand.
    • Indian Jet Black
      You’ll be speechless when you see Indian Jet Black Granite. With its striking smoothness and rich color, this stone appears to know it’s the best. There are no patterns in this seemingly classic fine artwork, and Benchtops, fountains, panels, and more are all possible applications. This stone’s appearance and feel will add depth to your kitchen while perfectly complementing other colors.
    • Viscount White
      Viscount White Granite has a remarkable color flow and richness. This stone, personally handcrafted for stately homes and palaces, will complement your kitchen. This stone will highlight the simplistic beauty when used with monochromatic colors. Our affordable yet appealing granite benchtops Melbourne will enhance the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom.
    • Black Granite
      Black Granite can be deep black or have colors in it. Absolute black is the deepest color, but it is not Granite. It is gabbro, one of the densest igneous rocks available. Ubatuba is another popular “black” granite, but when seen at close range, it is a deep green color and has flecks of other colors.

    How to look after Granite Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne?

    • Use clean, soapy water for daily cleaning. After that, dry with a soft cloth.
    • Every two years, have your stone professionally resealed.
    • Never cut on your granite benchtops directly.
    • Clean spills right away, and don’t put off cleaning dark, pigmented foods.

    Why Choose Us To Buy Quality Granite Kitchen Benchtops Melbourne?

    Stone Benchtop Connection has the best granite products if you’re looking for the highest quality granite benchtops in Melbourne. It’s our pride to transform your Granite countertops into something you’ll love! We collaborate with the industry’s top architects, designers, and developers to combine the essence of natural beauty and functionality – it’s our pride to transform your Granite benchtop into something you’ll love!

    We will guide you on each step, from material care to stone characteristics, leaving you confident in your decision to purchase a new stone for your kitchen benchtop. With our different range of granite benchtops in Melbourne, you will find the perfect material for your benchtop that promises to complement your home.

    You deserve the best in life. Now you can enjoy luxurious surfaces, plus the feature finishes of Reconstituted Stone Benchtops, Marble Benchtops , and Engineered Stone Benchtops for your home, which you’ve always dreamed of.