Marble: A Timeless Classic for Stone Benchtops

Marble: A Timeless Classic for Stone Benchtops

Marble has been widely used as a material for elegant buildings and statues in antiquity, and its allure has persisted through the ages to the current day. Although marble has always been – and still is – a relatively costly material, it’s well worth its weight in stone for its many aesthetic and functional benefits.

Few materials are as classic and elegant as marble, and that extends to kitchen stone benchtops. Here are a few reasons why you should consider marble benchtops for your kitchen:

High-Quality Stone Benchtops

There are many materials to choose from for modern kitchen stone benchtops, but marble is widely recognized as one of the most premium materials. Marble benchtops are durable and can last for many years, provided they’re well maintained.

Most modern homes can benefit from a splash of marble for aesthetic appeal, but it’s also quite functional and one of the most durable materials since it is a natural stone.

Beauty to Last for Generations

It’s quite amazing that many marble statues from antiquity still survive to this day, looking vibrant and lifelike today just as they did back in ancient Greece and Rome (although, by all accounts, statues in antiquity were painted). The appeal of marble as a medium for sculpture and building has never waned, and it certainly will look fantastic in your home.

One of the defining characteristics of marble as a material is that it contains veins and a texture that is unique from piece to piece. A marble benchtop gives elegance to your kitchen, and it’s flexible enough as a design choice to look appropriate in contemporary, modern, and traditional shaker kitchens.

Marble vs. Other Stone Benchtop Materials

How well does marble stack up against other popular stone benchtop materials? Quite well, all things considered. Marble is of course, a unique product that is difficult to replicate. Still, engineered stone can take on the appearance of marble yet offer a more durable cutting surface that can better withstand heavy usage.

Similar materials to marble include granite and quartz, which make for excellent alternatives to marble. Keep in mind that they are somewhat similar, but fundamentally each material has its unique characteristics.

Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Marble Benchtops

Marble is a wonderful material, and it’s certainly a premium choice for your kitchen benchtop, but it isn’t perfect either. Some things you may wish to keep in mind regarding marble include:

  • Cost: marble is, quite simply, one of the more expensive stones to procure for your kitchen. There are only a few quarries around the world that cut marble to size, and the cost of transporting and processing marble blocks into kitchen benchtops is quite high, so you will always have to spend a fair amount for anything made of real marble.
  • Softness: marble’s softness makes it ideal for sculpture, but it’s a downside in the kitchen. With occasional usage, you may not really notice the softness of a marble benchtop, but heavy usage will certainly affect the overall lifespan of your marble benchtop.
  • Porosity: marble is known to be fairly porous, allowing it to easily stain. This can be corrected by absorbing any spills. Still, over time it’s inevitable that it will develop a patina.

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