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Porcelain Benchtops in Melbourne

Porcelain benchtops are growing in popularity in Melbourne. They are ceramic products composed of powdered clay and colored pigments bonded with extremely high temperatures and pressure. This ultra-compact surface is highly durable. The material used in its manufacture often contains a high percentage of kaolinite, silica, and feldspar. It makes the high-quality porcelain countertops robust, and it also has the potential to have an unsupported counter level.

What Should You Know About Porcelain?

Porcelain is a ceramic product that has been baked at high temperatures to achieve a glass-like, permanently hardened, non-porous, durable material. It’s made from a complex mix of natural raw materials, including powdered clays. The raw materials are fused using intense temperatures and extreme pressure in this high-tech process for manufacturing porcelain benchtops in Melbourne. Thus, it’s more heat and stain-resistant, and highly durable. Its consistency makes it usable for a long time without getting worn out.

Benefits of Using Porcelain Benchtops

  • Ultra-compact Surface

It combines raw materials found in glass, ceramic, and quartz to form a new material in slab form and tiles. The result is an ultra-compact surface that is virtually indestructible. Plus, no harmful chemicals or resins are used in the manufacturing process.

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  • Get the Desired Look

Various textures can be created on the porcelain surface because of the fine particles used to form the slab. It allows the surface to resemble natural materials like wood, concrete, and stones. Grains and designs can be printed onto the surface to achieve the desired look.

  • Best for Kitchen Usage
    Porcelain’s high density and low porous qualities make it great for food preparation. Porcelain is highly resistant to liquids and acidic substances and is highly scratch resistant. Porcelain’s great heat and fire resistance make it a great product as a benchtop, especially around cooktops, and vertical surfaces, such as splashbacks.
  • Highly UV Resistant
    Porcelain is highly resistant to UV rays, which allows it to retain its full color throughout its lifetime. That’s why we recommend durable porcelain benchtops in Melbourne as an excellent option for outdoor benchtops like BBQ areas. Porcelain slabs can be manufactured in different sizes, making them great for long island benchtops.
  • Application on Surfaces
    Porcelain slabs also come in lighter and thinner versions, so matching slabs can be applied to walls, doors, and splashbacks. The thinner slabs can be installed directly on the cabinetry carcass without a backing board.

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    Are Porcelain Countertops Perfect for You?

    Yes, definitely! It’s ideal for homeowners who have specific needs. If you want the look of marble but don’t want to deal with stains and etching, porcelain is the way to go. Our top quality Porcelain Benchtops in Melbourne are less expensive than natural Stone Benchtops Melbourne. If you’re on a tight budget, this is the material to choose.

    They are a great choice for your kitchens, bathrooms, and even an outer bar counter. Porcelain can be crafted into a sink and seamlessly integrated into the porcelain benchtop because it is extremely water-resistant. You can do experiments with your interiors using these porcelain counterparts.

    Stone Benchtops – A Trusted Name to buy Porcelain Benchtops Melbourne

    Porcelain countertops are relatively new to the Australian market, so you’ll need to find an experienced professional who knows a lot about the material and how it’s made.

    Residents of Melbourne know that Stone Benchtop Connection is the company to call for high-quality porcelain benchtops in Melbourne. We have extensive knowledge and experience customizing porcelain countertops as one of the region’s largest stone manufacturing businesses.

    Our experts will help you choose and install the best products for your home. Contact us today if you’re ready to add porcelain benchtops Melbourne to your space!

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