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Reconstituted Stone Benchtops in Melbourne

Different terms such as ”engineered stone benchtops” and ”quartz benchtops” have commonly been referred to as reconstituted stone benchtops.

These are man-made stones structured using a combination of natural stones, glass, shells, and silicon or resin bonding material. In most Melbourne homes, reconstituted stones are commonly used.

Purpose of Reconstituted Stone Benchtops

Stone aggregate chips (most commonly quartz or marble, but also igneous rocks like granite and basalt); mineral fillers (generally the ground aggregate); a resin binder (typically an unsaturated polyester); pigments and additives make up the reconstituted stone.

When we compare them to natural stones like marble and granite, they are considered less porous.

With beautiful, trendy, and durable reconstituted stone benchtops in Melbourne, you can uplift the entire look of any space or area. Consequently, these stones require less maintenance, and hence, they are becoming the most popular choice in the making of modern kitchens.

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    Benefits of Using Reconstituted Stone Benchtops Melbourne

    Installing reconstituted stones in our kitchens is thought to have several benefits. These are some of the benefits:

    • Hygienic Value

    When it comes to cleanliness and hygiene factors, our well-made reconstituted stone benchtops in Melbourne are considered the best choice because they are nonporous. As a result, you can use them in places that require a lot of cleanliness. Kitchens, bathrooms, and any other moist environment are examples of such places.

    • Environmental Friendly

    Benchtops made of reconstituted or engineered stone are made from crushed rocks rather than slabs, leaving a smaller environmental footprint than natural stone. That’s why reconstituted stone benchtops in Melbourne are quickly replacing natural stones in current homes.

    • Easily Repairable

    Even though these stones are tough, the edges may break off if not handled carefully. However, it’s comforting to know that these edges can be repaired. However, it is always good to look after the stones while transported.

    • Resistant to Stains

    Because of their composition, reconstituted stones are thought to be heat resistant. They are also non porous because they are less likely to stain or get marks. As a result, their durability increases, extending their service to an individual.

    • Elegantly Stylish

    Engineered stone benchtops have become increasingly popular among homeowners with modern homes. It is because of its polished stone that adds a classy and stylish beauty to every home.

    • Wide Varieties

    Different reconstituted stones are available, depending on their size, style, and color. It ensures that there is a reconstituted stone that perfectly suits every customer. As a result, everyone can fit their taste and style.

    Why Us for Installation of Reconstituted Stone Benchtops in Melbourne?

    At Stone Benchtop Connection, reconstituted stone benchtops provide the utmost functionality and increase the aesthetic value of your home. We strive to offer customized stone benchtops that fit any requirement, aesthetic, budget, and preference. Trust us as we are among the trusted reconstituted stone benchtops Melbourne-based fabricators. We can create elegant countertops, workstations, islands, kitchen stone benchtops and worktops, vanity tops, and more! Our prime aim is to provide excellent service to our clients. Some of these services include providing custom benchtops and placing them in the desired locations.