5 Things to Look For in a Bathroom Vanity Benchtop

5 Things to Look For in a Bathroom Vanity Benchtop

Of all the elements in your bathroom, few make as much of a statement as the vanity. As the focal point of your bathroom, your vanity naturally draws the eye (especially if there’s a mirror), and it also happens to be where you’ll spend plenty of time every day.

Bathroom vanities need to be versatile enough to keep your toiletries, toothbrush, hand clothes, or whatever else you may be using it for, but they also need to look fantastic and clean.

Shopping for brand-new bathroom vanity can be an exciting experience for a homeowner, but it could also be frustrating. There are a lot of things to look for in a bathroom vanity. We’ve outlined five things you should be looking for in your bathroom vanity below:

  • Size & Dimensions

It’s just a tad easier to shop for a bathroom vanity that fits into your bathroom than to fit your whole bathroom for a specific vanity. Having said that, many types of bathroom vanity available can certainly fit into your bathroom, provided that you have accurate measurements of your bathroom’s vanity space and the sink space.

Whether you’re looking for a vanity for a brand new build or you’re remodeling your bathroom and need a replacement vanity, take down some key dimensions such as length, width, height, and clearances as well so that you can fit the vanity through the door.

  • Faucet Spacing

Although size and spacing are important considerations for your bathroom vanity, it’s essential that you also consider the location of pre-drilled holes for your faucet. Not only is this important for determining the type of faucet you can use after it’s installed, but it’s also important to consider the spacing of the holes and how many holes are provided compared to how many you need.

  • Materials

The choice of material for your bathroom vanity comes down to two main considerations: style and functionality. Function and form can be blended seamlessly with many modern bathroom vanities that are made of synthetic hard surfaces resembling natural stone.

A synthetic surface helps the bathroom withstand water and regular daily use while being easy to clean and maintain.

  • Aesthetics

Following on the previous point, your choice of material will need to be aesthetically pleasing and fit into the overall style of your bathroom. Marbled textures, off-white colors, and eggshell white are all popular choices for good reason. Not only do they exude elegance and cleanliness, but they also tend to blend in well with other fixtures and decorative elements in the bathroom.

You may also want to consider more natural-looking styles for traditional bathrooms with wooden accents.

  • Installation

Choosing just the right bathroom vanity requires a lot of planning and forethought, but it’s all worthwhile when it’s finally installed and making a statement in your bathroom. The installation process is in itself an important procedure since it requires careful fitting, and plumbing work may be required to fit the sink.

Bathroom vanities can be installed with DIY methods, but your best bet is to choose a professional team to fit your vanity in place exactly as required and to your satisfaction.

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