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Budget-Friendly Cheap Stone Mason in Melbourne

Granite? Marble? Limestone? A granite or marble finish makes your kitchen or bathroom a more beautiful space for you and your family. Moreover, it also increases the resale value of your home – often much more than your initial investment. Whatever your taste, a natural stone will transform your kitchen or bathroom into the most opulent room in your home. As granite, marble, and limestone come in so many different colors and patterns, it is critical to find cheap stones for your home and needs. We take pride in our extensive, high-quality range of natural cheap stone mason in Melbourne as experienced granite and marble benchtops melbourne installers.

What is Stone masonry?

Stone masonry is the construction of stones bonded together with mortar. Where stones are abundant in nature, they provide a cost-effective material for various building components. For example, walls, columns, tootings, arches, and beams. Our Cheap stone mason in Melbourne is stronger, durable, and weather-resistant than brick masonry. Constructors use them to build piers, docks, dams, lighthouses, and other marine structures.

Types of Stone Masonry

Stone masonry can be broadly classified into two categories. This classification is based on the arrangement of the stone in the construction and the degree of refinement in the surface finish.

  • Rubble Masonry

In rubble masonry, the stones are either undressed or roughly dressed, having wider. It can further subdivide as unconcerned, coursed, random, dry, polygonal, and bint. It is one of the cheapest stone masonries.

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    • Ashlar Masonry

    By arranging the cheap stone blocks in different patterns, this masonry is constructed from precisely dressed stones with uniform and fine joints of about 3 mm thickness. Masonry Ashlar walls can be built with either Ashlar or rubble masonry, and the size of the stone blocks should be proportional to the wall thickness.

    • Ashlar Fine Masonry

    The beds, sides, and faces are finely chisel-dressed in this type of ashlar masonry. The stones are arranged in a proper bond, and the mortar joints are no thicker than 3 mm. This construction method produces a perfectly smooth appearance, but it is expensive.

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    • Ashlar Rock Faced Masonry

    A strip about 25 mm wide and made with a chisel is provided around the perimeter portion of the face in this type of ashlar masonry and is left in the same form as received from the quarry. Only projections on the face, known as bushings that exceed 80 mm, are removed with a hammer. This type of cheap stone mason in Melbourne is very popular among people who look for affordable options.

    Why Buy Cheap Stones in Melbourne From Us?

    Stone Benchtop Connection has the perfect natural stone to complement and enhance your kitchen, bathroom, and home improvement project. Our overseas suppliers’ selection, inspection, and quality control allow us to offer quality materials at reasonable prices. Each project is craftsmanship, experienced tradesman, and superior quality material selection. We offer an extensive range of cheap stone mason, whether you are an architect, interior designer, developer, trade, or private individual. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can fabricate and install the perfect natural cheap stone mason in Melbourne for your project.

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