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Get Elegant Marble Benchtops in Melbourne

When you renovate your kitchen, your benchtop is one of the most critical decisions you will have to make. Every day, you will be interacting with its surface. People are drawn to marble because of their sense of luxury and grandeur, which is why it is considered such a beautiful material. It is, however, expensive and requires a great deal of maintenance.

The Trend of Marble Benchtop in Melbourne For Kitchens

Buying Marble benchtops in Melbourne enhance the look of interiors when used in conjunction with interior design. Due to the durability and low maintenance requirements, marble slabs are famous for interior design.

  • Marble Benchtop in Melbourne can add a sense of sophistication to a Kitchen by enhancing its appearance with that lustrous glazing surface.
    The marble surface is generally non-absorbent, so any stains on it can be easily removed.
  • Marble Benchtops are resistant to stains, which is a promising feature. There is less chance of staining or spots not being cleaned up with a marble surface.
  • An off-white marble surface with a golden or silver lining makes this benchtop a top choice for clients due to its more elegant and aesthetic appearance.
  • As kitchen stone benchtops Melbourne, marble slabs work well because of their excellent temperature. Marble has a high heat resistance due to its cool temperature. The kitchen would be less susceptible to unwelcome fires as a result.

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    What Should I Do To Maintain Marble Benchtops in Melbourne?

    Knowing how fragile marble can be is essential before installing marble pavers or marble tiles. It will, however, last for a very long time if it is properly maintained. Take care of your marble benchtops in Melbourne by following these tips and tricks:

    • Cut or dice directly on the countertops as they have low abrasion resistance.
    • Protect your countertops by using cutting boards.
    • Abrasive cleaners should be avoided.
    • Marble can be corroded if the wrong cleaner is used. Due to its low acid tolerance, even mild acids should not be sprayed on marble pavers, tiles, or benchtops.
    • Lemon juice, tomato juice, and vinegar should not be spilt over these surfaces.
    • Sealers can prolong their lifespan.
    • Maintaining your marble wares can be as simple as resealing them regularly.

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